Why We Travel

Since Brandon and I have been married, the question everyone is asking us is:

“When are you going to start a family?”

The truthful answer we have to this question is…we don’t know.

A few months ago, after getting asked this question multiple times, I said to Brandon that there are a few things I would like to accomplish while in this phase of my life, before I start the next phase. One of those things was to go on one of those life changing, “bucket list” trips. He agreed to consider this life changing trip if I met 3 conditions:

  1. I was to look up some places/ travel options for us (including prices);
  2. I would show him the options in 2 weeks time;
  3. and, I would provide a beer and burger for him to enjoy as I presented the options.

In true facilitator fashion, I spent the next 2 weeks becoming a subject matter expert on all things travel, I used my new knowledge to whip up a powerpoint presentation, and on a wintery Sunday evening I sat Brandon down in our living room with a Montana’s burger and Mill Street Organic beer and spelled out 2 main options: a roadtrip through the south of France, or a Kenyan and Tanzanian safari.

We decided on the safari (we leave in 4 weeks!).

(The winning slide!)

All of this is to say that, for Brandon and I, exploring new places and going on wild adventures makes us infinitely happy. We love the thrill of accidentally finding an amazing restaurant in a new city, or getting lost for hours on end but enjoying the sights anyways. We even love it when our travel plans don’t go exactly how we thought, because we end up with good stories regardless.


We travel because it brings us joy to experience new things.

We travel because it makes us happy.


I have had quite a few conversations recently about saving for retirement. While I am not close to retirement whatsoever, these conversations have really made me think about my values when it comes to planning for the future. My mindset on the matter is: enjoy what you have while you have it. I have a hard time understanding why I should save money for a time in my life that I am unsure I will even make it to. I want to enjoy life as I am right now, while I am still capable and willing to do it.

Eventually, I suspect, what makes us happy will change as it does for all phases of life. At one point, what made us happy was living in a loft in Toronto. Now, we are happy in a house in Burlington. For now, travelling is what makes us happy; but, this is subject to change depending on what the future holds.

So, do we know when we are going to start a family? Nope. But, we do know when the wildebeest migration is, and that’s totally cool with us.

2 thoughts on “Why We Travel

  1. I’m very impressed with what you’ve been putting out in your “Happy Project” posts. Enjoy your travel plans! I loved both of the safaris I’ve done and the African continent is amazing😎


    1. Thank you so much for reading, Leslie! Two safaris!? That’s amazing! We are doing the “Big Five” through Tanzania and Kenya…. I can’t wait!


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