June Monthly Bucket List Challenge Review

Yep, I failed.

I did not meet all of my goals this month for the June Monthly Bucket List Challenge.

Let’s see what happened:

Going vegetarian for a week

I started my vegetarian week on a Sunday morning. That day I started my journey to Moose Factory, Ontario and I thought this was prime time to become a vegetarian because I would be away from my carnivore husband for a week. I was completely wrong. There are not many food options in Moose Factory because everything is either farmed, hunted, or from frozen. Fresh produce is especially expensive. I ended up eating a lot of Caesar salad and French fries (usually this is a fave meal of mine, but after 4 times… I never wanted garlicky lettuce again!). Regardless, I toughed it out and on the following Sunday I broke my meat fast with Brandon’s homemade brisket, and it was totally worth the wait!

I would go vegetarian again. I felt lighter, and more comfortable in my own skin. I was not expecting either of those things but I am counting them as a win!

Try a home work out 2 days a week

Nope. No way. Not a chance.

Honestly, by the time I got home from work and had dinner, I was ready to go to bed. Then we went on a trip, and I would rather be exploring than watching a YouTube video and working out in my hotel room. Am I so off base here?

Seriously, if you workout after work can you give me some strategies or some fun exercises that I will be excited to do? I need help… STAT!

Be internet free for 3 days

Yes, I did this… but I kind of cheated.

I waited to complete this one until I was in Africa where I knew I would have no service anyways. So I did it, but I feel kind of guilty for not completing it as I had planned (I wanted to make Sunday’s my internet free day).

Also, I found it much easier to cut out social media than to cut out the internet. I kept thinking of things I wanted to know like “How much is a photo album on Amazon?” or “Where are we supposed to be going tomorrow?”. It really dawned on me how much I rely on the internet to get me through my daily life. I never print anything anymore (I didn’t even print the tickets or our itinerary for Africa!), I just always assume I can access it with a couple swipes of a finger. I think I need to be more conscious about the time I spend on the internet, and how much I rely on it because you never know… one day I might be in a “no service zone” again *shudders at the thought*

Read a novel

I really wanted to do this one, but I just never got around to it! I even lugged my 400 hardcover book across the world and never opened it once. I did, however, listen to a few books over Audible… like Harry Potter.

Go somewhere I have never been before

This month was ripe with seeing new places! I went to: Cochrane, Moosonee, Timmins, Moose Factory, Kenya and Tanzania. I’d say I really did well with this one this month.

Go makeup free once a week

I did this more than once a week and it was amazing! Someone even told me I looked younger! Sometimes I still feel self conscious about going without makeup, especially if I have red spots and scars, but I ensured that I took very good care of my skin this month and it seemed my spots and scars lessened. The first day I went without makeup I felt like I looked like a gremlin waking up after a long sleep, but, after 3 days straight of wearing no make up, I thought I looked pretty good. I actually didn’t wear makeup for 7 days in a row!

End thoughts

I started this blog trying to find my happy, and I feel like by doing these Monthly Bucket List Challenges I am really narrowing down what I like to do and what I don’t like to do. In saying that, there will be no Monthly Bucket List Challenge for July because I am thinking of exploring new places and activities and seeing what works best for me to incorporate into future Monthly Bucket Lists.

Any activity or exercise ideas out there?? I would love to hear from you! Write them in the comments down below.

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