The 7 Top Social Media Influencers

This week, I want to share the top 7 Social Media Influencers that you must follow.

While I follow hundreds of Social Media accounts, these 7 women have stood out in their field and have greatly inspired my life.



Jamie Beck @annstreetstudio

When I saw Jamie’s self-portrait series, I thought I was looking at beautiful paintings created centuries ago. Instead, I learned that Jamie’s unparalleled photographic and editing talent have created pieces of art that can truly move you. Her pieces speak to a deeply romantic, European essence that has been long lost to time. If you are interested in the artwork of the masters (Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Botticelli, Raphael), then the photography of Jamie Beck and Ann Street Studio is where you must go.



Emily Skender @emilyskender

Emily’s smile is completely contagious and one of the reasons I started following her. Her weight loss transformation photo shows not only a change in her physical appearance, but also a clear change in her happiness, which was intriguing to me. Once I started following her, and learned about her life changing story, I knew she was the kind of positivity I was to see on Instagram. She offers work out and meal plans and constant support for those looking to embark on a healthy lifestyle. She has an inviting personality and welcomes you personally when you watch her live, which makes her feel like a really encouraging friend who just wants you to do your best. If your looking for some health inspiration and support, you must follow Emily!



Julia Engel @juliahengel

Julia’s blog, Gal Meets Glam, was the first blog I ever read… and then I read it consistently. I found her about 5 years ago through a Pinterest post on hairstyles, and once I delved into the pink infused, feminine photographs, I couldn’t turn back. I found her style has the exact essence I wanted to achieve, and her recent launch of the Gal Meets Glam clothing collection was one of the inspirations that encouraged me to start a blog. She’s a style blogger powerhouse that you must follow!



Elanna Pecherle @ellepearls

First off, this beauty guru creates beautiful looks using both drugstore and luxury brands, which gives her followers a good mix of ideas. But, the thing I love most about Elanna is that she is a REAL person. She laughs at herself, flubs her words sometimes, and admits some difficulties, but she is completely relatable, therefore, completely addicting. I have watched all of her videos and watched her family of 2 grow into a beautiful family of 3 (plus Sandy!). If you’re looking for some beauty inspiration from someone who could be your best friend, Elanna is the person to watch!



Jenny Cipoletti @margoandme

All I can say is–WOW! I started following Jenny during her wedding planning journey, and was hooked immediately. Her knack for putting pieces together is uncanny and always looks like editorial art. She has a legitimate background working in the fashion industry and has a true understanding of patterns and fabrics that compliment eachother. Her husband takes the photos for her blog, Margo and Me, and they have a more dramatic and elegant feel rather than the youthful, girly vibe that is popular right now. Even though her photos are dramatic, she is able to maintain a femininity in her work. If you are into true, current fashion, you must follow Jenny and her blog.



Jessica Gee @thebucketlistfamily

This is the family I aspire to have. Jessica and her husband decided to give up their “regular”, North American lifestyle and travel the world! Over the years, they have had 3 children and have managed to maintain their travel lifestyle in the most beautiful way. The Bucket List Family blog follows the Gee family around the world as they interact with people from every corner and dive into cultures head first. They have proven to me that travelling as a young family is not only possible, but creates intense cultural learning experiences and unforgettable memories. I am completely in awe of their lifestyle, and have based my personal Bucket List on their travel experiences.

Self Love


Sarah Nicole @thebirdspapaya

I stumbled across Sarah’s profile while browsing through Instagram. Her transformation photo was SHOCKING (and not just because of her beautiful lavender hair). Sarah’s transformation was deeper than skin, it ran through her heart and mind, and turned her into an amazing inspiration. She consistently promotes body-love while admitting the struggles and hurdles she has faced and continues to face. Her beauty is more than skin deep, and her Instagram posts always have a heavy hitting meaning behind them. When her stories come up on my page, I am always enthralled by her punchy wit and wise revelations. Best of all, I trust in her experiences because she is Canadian and from a town 40 minutes from me!

Who inspires you most on Social Media? Let me know in the comments down below!

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