5 Things That Happened When I Quit Social Media For 2 Weeks: I Became More Mindful

After I took the 2 weeks off of social media, I jumped right back in.

Full force.

I had to catch up on all that I might have “missed”, plus start planning my next posts. I had to scroll through Pinterest for inspiration, browse through my favourite Instagrammer’s profiles to see if there was any new trends, and make sure I was educated on the latest news stories from the most reliable source–Facebook (lol). This led to spending a whopping 19 hours on social media, and a total of 33 hours of screen time in the week following my break.

WOW. Did I learn nothing?

The truth is, I did, it just wasn’t the huge epiphany I had hoped for.

I really wanted to finish this series with something like:

“Oh.My.God. I CANNOT believe how much my life has changed without social media!! I am a completely renewed, with new hobbies, more happiness, and I am just SOOOO inspired”

*cough* umm… not quite.

I will say that cutting out social media does give me more time (read my post about that here); but, a lot of the time I spend on social media is in the last couple hours of the day when I don’t feel like doing anything really active. It’s my relaxation entertainment for when I just feel like I want to do something mindless.

What did come out of my social media break is that I am now more aware of the time I am spending on my phone. I have definitely become more mindful about spending too much time scrolling through social media absent mindedly, and have put a consorted effort towards giving my full attention to one task. For example, if Brandon and I throw on a movie, I now put my phone down and give my full attention to the movie; whereas, before I would have multitasked and scrolled while watching.

In a way, even though nothing really changed, nothing really seems the same either. Instead of being a phone zombie, I feel like I am now hyper-conscious about my screen time, and it’s become a challenge for me to lower my weekly average from 19 hours on social media.

Last week, my end result was 16 hours. It didn’t change all that much, but at least it’s lowering!

After all this, I now recognize that being on social media genuinely makes me happy. I get all giddy when I have an Instagram post prepped, I feel the butterflies in my stomach start their mad fluttering as I click post, and I am excited to see the responses to whatever I fling out into the internet.

I am also really happy when I have more time to pick up a hobby, to chat with friends, or to truly listen to a movie.

I think it’s about balance and being mindful of spending too much time on one form of happiness while neglecting the others.

Thank you for reading the “5 Things That Happened When I Quit Social Media For 2 Weeks”! I dare you to try it and see what you learn 🙂

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