About The Happy Project


My name is Pennee (looks like the noodle, sounds like the coin) and I am the founder of The Happy Project.

I am a twenty-something woman living in Burlington, Ontario with my husband (Brandon) and my dog (Jalapeno– he has a spicy personality).

I started The Happy Project as a place to curate inspiration to encourage people to choose to follow their dreams and make the decision to be happy.

My mom always asks me a simple question:

“Are you happy, darling?”

I have always answered with a nonchalant “yes”, until one day I really thought about the question. Like… really thought about it…

Am I truly happy? And how do I become happy? And, for that matter, what does being happy even mean?

I was stumped! Thus, my quest to find some answers from the people around me had begun! I started The Happy Project to report my findings

I hope this space to curates inspiration for those needing to find direction, encourages those who want to take a leap of faith to follow their dreams, and quenches the mind of those who are currently living their happiest lives.

Thank you for taking the time to check The Happy Project out! Check out my contact page if you have a story of finding happiness that you or someone you know would like to share. I am also always on the hunt for great books to review and businesses to check out. Send ’em on ova!

Hope to hear from you soon!